New! Atticweb Consulting is leveraging its close ties with and understanding of Main Street programs to offer a virtual community that mirrors the actual bricks-and-mortar business community, offering small businesses with minimal space the opportunity to compete with the larger stores out on the urban highways. How? By using CSS and Flash and unique, individual websites to empower these ma and pa stores, often giving them a new revenue stream. Beginning with (NY) and (WI), businesses such as Inspections Plus are joining the community -- which is much more than just another online business directory. Join now!

Mission. To do all we can to make your dreams take flight.
Standards-compliant web design. Still stuck with tables and tags? We make pages lighter *and* standards compliant by separating the presentation from the code. Incorporate true CSS into your website today. (An example¹ using CSS for a three-column liquid layout without the use of tables.)
Experience. Television web convergence, corporate/brand identity, print and ad agency (heard of Yellow Goose Markets? We named it).
Certification. IWA-certified in Web Design/Multimedia (Flash) and Web Technologies.
Tools. Principally Flash and Dreamweaver MX, HomeSite+, ColdFusion, video encoders.
Territory. With offices in Western New York and Wisconsin, covering the Great Lakes states.
Passion. For what we do. But most of all, for what you do.
Click here to get the ball rolling... or... bouncing? (Note the accessibility attributes built into the form.)

¹From Minz Meyer, contributor to and The Zen of CSS Design: "What a complex page. You've really outdone yourself, and it is highly liquid and looks great from 800x600 to 1600x1200."

Valid CSS!